Lit up at Lima and Fountains of Lima

Daily Departures: 01 (Wednesday to Sunday)

Schedule:               6:00pm

Tour Duration:      3 hrs. (Aprox.)

El tour incluye



Discover the beauty of Lima, visiting its foremost architectural monuments beautifully illuminated.


Our excursion shows Lima’s impressive Historical Center in detail, presenting its most emblematic attractions such as the Grau Square, the San Martín Square, the French Palace, Lima’s Cathedral Basilica, the Archbishops Palace, the Desamparados Train Station, amongst others.


You will be able to take unforgettable pictures with these magnificent lit up attractions as background.


We will also be visiting the Water Sources.

The Magic Circuit of Water is a wonderful show of ornamental fountains Cyber and Interactive ​​which achieves a perfect conjunction and harmony of water, light, music and images, a magical source of more than 80m in height and 12 spectacular cyber Fountains with multifunctional facilities, becoming a major tourist destination of international scope.
The technology used in these sources corresponds to the most modern in the field of cyber fountains, also allowing the realization of various choreographies, including laser effects and the possibility of variation in their programming.
As a Historic Park, Urban Environment Monuments and Heritage of the Nation, the Park of the Reserve is the gateway to the Historic Center of Lima.


Relationship of Fountains
1 .- Magic Fountain
2 .- Fountain of Fantasy
3 .- Fountain of Illusion
4 .- Fountain Dome Visitable
5 .- Fountain Tanguis
6 .- Fountain of Harmony
7 .- Source Rainbow
8 .- Fountain Tunnel of Surprises
9 .- Fountain of the Dream Labyrinth
10 .- Fountain of Life
11 .- Fountain of the traditions
12 .- Fountain River of Desires
13 .- Fountain of Children


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